Here you will find information on past research topics.

1999: David D. Woods Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Presidential Address, "Watching Human Factors Watch People at Work"

2001: Seeding Design Concepts for Intelligence Analysts Under Data Overload.

2002: Topic landscape "Studying Cognitive Work in Context: Facilitating Insight at the Intersections of People, Technology and Work."

2002: Topic Landcape "Steering the Reverberations of Techology Change: on Laws that Govern Cognitive Work."

2003: PEXis: Performance Experts in Safety, a course module for the VA GAPS toward exploring patient safety.

2003: weblog David Woods' C/S/E/L blog

2004: The Animock- "design is telling (sharing) stories about the future"

2005: Topic landscape animock "Scenario Based Design in MOUT using topic landscape to support collaborative envisioning"

2006: podcast, "Fireside Podcasts with David D. Woods"