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Alexander M. Morison

Cognitive Systems Engineering at the intersection of People, Technology, and Work

A relatively recent explosion of sensing capability allows people to explore new scenes at a distance over multiple temporal ranges.

I am investigating how these new human-sensor perceptual systems are an opportunity to extend human perceptual and attentional fluency to these new scales.

talk on Perspective Control and Extending Human Perception at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition
"The developers acknowledge that sensemaking is a problem –cameras are sprouting like mushrooms from every conceivable mounting space in the hopes of giving the operator that magic missing viewpoint...
...However, it is all ad hoc; there is no understanding of what viewpoints are needed for which tasks or how to transition between them. So called ‘Perceptual interfaces’ remain Neolithic."
Robin Murphy, 2009 DoD Robotics Rodeo, Sept. 2009
dynamic panorama of a computational model of attention called Artificial Attention
Presentation from Human-Robot Interaction workshop on Human Agent Robot teamwork
demonstration of multiple sensor views of a continuous surface
over the shoulder view of a tele-operated robot performing an aperture or insertion task